For the Love of Marijuana

23 Reasons to Love Cannabis - Natural Cannabis Company

Even after decades of being considered and treated as an illegal substance, the use of marijuana is still rampant. There are people who swear to its effectiveness, particularly in the treatment and management of chronic pain as a result of terminal diseases. For someone who has never experimented with any form of the substance, you will be forgiven for disregarding the hype surrounding it. Before you form any further opinions, it is important to know as many facts as possible about the commodity; 

  1. In medical circles, marijuana is not used in its natural state. This means that the beneficial component (cannabinoid – CBD) has been extracted and separated from the rest of the elements (cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol -THC) that are responsible for hallucinations and reddening of the eyes. 
  2. Before a doctor gets to the point of administering medical marijuana, they have run conclusive tests and established that, indeed, the benefits outweigh the risks. Did you know that medical marijuana is used as a sleep aid? Apart from inducing sleep, cannabinoids are also effective for chronic pain relief, reducing inflammation, and suppressing the symptoms of mental illness. 

There have been claims that California solventless cannabis products are preferred when it comes to choosing recreational cannabis. Some opinions claim that exclusive concentrates are the reserve of smug hipsters who indulge in nothing but the finest quality products. The most controversial of all opinions, perhaps, is the claim that solventless cannabis will only work in places where the users have an affinity for greener, natural and organic products. 


The truth is that solventless cannabis consumers have higher-than-average knowledge of cannabis and many use these products for their consistent expression. With the growing number of vape producers and cannabis edibles, the demand for solventless products is growing gradually.