October 1, 2022


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Four Reasons to Work with A Flat-Fee Realtor

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4 Reasons to Use a Flat Fee MLS Listing Service - Urban Splatter

Home sellers work with real estate agents when selling their properties. However, many seek a way to skip the normal 3-6% agent commission and find a way to maximize their profit. You should consider working with a flat fee realtor Denver if you seek the same thing. A flat-fee realtor offers their services at a lesser price than traditional realtors. If you are not convinced enough, these four reasons should help you consider working with a flat-fee realtor.

Low Cost

People choose to work with a flat-fee realtor because their services are cheaper than a traditional realtor. Even though you will have to pay some fees, paying a full-rate estate agent is a fraction of the 3-6% commission. In addition, it’s cheap to sell your home by yourself; however, it’s not advisable to sell your property without accessing MLS (Multiple Listening Services). Unless you already have someone interested in buying your home, the major way for buyers and agents to find your home is via the MLS. A flat-fee realtor will grant you access to the MLS since that’s the major thing you are paying for.

Less Commitment

Choosing to use a full-rate realtor means you are ready to stay committed throughout the process. You will agree to some terms and conditions, which means that the contract binds you until you sell your home or either of you decides to end the contract because your interests are not met. However, ending a contract with a full-rate estate agent requires the involvement of a lawyer, which may make the process more challenging. On the contrary, you can end your contract with a flat-fee realtor once you pay for the services they rendered or for the current month.

Preferred Services

When you choose a traditional realtor, you will pay for a full package of services. These services include helping you decide a selling price, scheduling a photography session, listing your property on MLS, marketing your house, managing open houses, helping with negotiations, etc. Unfortunately, you have to pay for all these services even if you don’t need or use them. With a flat-fee realtor, you can cut your cost by choosing and paying for your preferred services.

Flexible Schedule

When you work with a full-rate realtor, you have to work with their schedule on the sale of your home. However, working with a flat-fee realtor allows a flexible schedule because you do some or all of the processing yourself. Hence, you are not bound to an agent’s schedule. You can fix a time for open houses, showing, and closing. The time and effort you put into the home selling process depends on how comfortable you are. In other words, the choice is all yours to make.

If you have doubts about working with a full-rate realtor, you should consider a flat-fee realtor. You will not only increase your profit but also increase your convenience.

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