Private Property Rights

A free society based on capitalism and freedom requires private property rights. These property rights are human rights. And such rights must be defined, appropriated, honored, respected and protected.

Land ownership includes a bundle of rights of many rights. A right is the exclusive authority to make a decision or determination of how land or a component or right in the land is used or not used and owned.

An owner of private property has the:

a. Right to use his land;
b. Right to rent his home or land;
c. Right to decide who the renter can be;
d. Right to decide how land or rights or portions of land can be used or not used as long as it does not harm society or the public;
e. Right to collect all rents the land produces;
f. Right to give, sell, rent any of the rights an owner has in the land;
g. Right to exchange or give away or sell at any price the owner wants to charge that a buyer or receiver is willing to pay or accept.
h. Right to exchange or sell the lands resources with someone willing to trade;
i. Right to have exclusive rights and use of the resources on the land;
j. Exclusive rights to use and choose which portions of the land and rights to use at any given time.

Restrictions and controls on private real estate obviously have a negative affect on a free country. The value of land and real estate is determined by the demand and desire of others. The highest and best use of the real estate or land is influenced by what the public perceives it is and what they feel they can do with it and what the highest value and best use is that the property commands. The owner gets the choice to either sell or rent for that highest paying use or may choose to allow or rent or sell for a lesser use for less money. Private property rights are the prevailing force of land control and control of natural resources in a truly free society rather than government control or control through destructive competition.

All property or real estate enjoys the same rights. Rights an owner has in real estate vary property to property even when next door to one another. The more complete the private property rights an owner has in his land, the more people understand those rights, the more people will pay or compete for a property with more complete owner’s property rights, all other influences being the same. Would you pay more or less for 10 acres that you can never build on due to restrictive land use laws versus similar 10 acres you can build 10 homes on and you can build anything you want on?

Land use controls imposed by the government do not reduce the need for desire or demand for housing or land and devalue land that is overly restricted. Individual liberty are protected by private property rights. Private property rights are human rights.

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