Property transfers: Estes Express Lines sells local property for $1.75 million | Property Transfers

Estes Express Lines has sold its property at 792 Fifth Ave. to Black Branch Terminals for $1,750,000, according to recent property transfers filed with the Richland County auditor’s office.

The transportation hub, just north of U.S. 30 in Madison Township, has a 20,462 square-foot building on 10.01 acres. The building was erected in 1960.

There were 232 local property transfers reported in the last month, according to the auditor’s office. Others were:


274 Cliffbrook Drive, Mansfield; Daniel and Leah Pennell to David Klupp; $104,000

1608 Cape Cod Drive, Mansfield; Hunsinger Builders, LLC, to Gary and Tracy Royse; $225,032.46

257 Redwood Road, Mansfield; Randall and Valerie Hester to Holly and Chad VanDyne; $209,900

789 Abbot Drive, Mansfield; Selene Finance, LP, to Mark Weidemyre; $51,680

300 S. Main St., Bellville; Michael Sourek to David Baumgardner; $91,250

30 Harker St., Mansfield; Craig Case to Citadel Development, LLC; $175,000

615 Bailey Drive, Unit 2, Mansfield; Jan Byles to Anita and Austin Schuller; $37,500

1196 Laurelwood Road, Mansfield; Carlos Cottoenarncion to Edward Faison Jr.; $175,000

241 E. Second St., Mansfield; Mary McLeod-Bethune Intervention and Enrichment Center to Davis XCO, LLC; $4,000

219 E. Second St., Mansfield; Mary McLeod-Bethune Intervention and Enrichment Center to Davis XCO, LLC; $8,000

545 Sunset Blvd., Mansfield; Sharon and Robert Miller Jr. to Julia Newberry; $78,000

392 Wood St., Mansfield; Clyde Llidoko Danals to Robert and Lorraine Fields; $39,000

181 Bennett St., Mansfield; Chad and Holly VanDyne to Lorelei Wynn; $95,000

410 Rhodes Ave., Mansfield; Barbara Castle to Robert and Alice Vance; $144,900

303 N. Trimble Road, Mansfield; Joshua and Jennifer Hockman to James Oberlin, Elizabeth Oberlin and Hanna Oberlin; $37,500

0 Maplewood Drive, Mansfield; Aspira, Inc., to Cassondra Bauer; $58,000

286 Grace St., Mansfield; Toya Jackson, successor trustee, to RJ Hunt Properties, LLC; $11,000

306 Grace St., Mansfield; Brandon and Sharea Wright to Pamela Pearson; $18,500

36 Greenwood Ave., 28 Reba Ave. and 467 Sloan Ave., Mansfield; Wayne Guinn and Louise Nottingham to John and Ann Akers; $60,000

470 Marion Ave., Mansfield; Roy and Nicole Coleman to Ernesto Alcantra; $108,000

462 Cline Ave., Mansfield; Amy Christus to Deborah Casdorph; $92,700

131 Alpine Drive, Mansfield; Amanda Mottayaw to Joseph and Lynn Sickle; $169,900

538-540 Bailey Drive, Mansfield; Marcellus Equity Holdings, LLC, to Rhinostar, LLC; $175,000

40 W. Cook Road, Mansfield; CHP Properties, LLC, to James Kreiner; $72,000

1542 Bridgewater Way S., Mansfield; National Advisors Trust Company to Armida Rafeld; $209,900

141 Ohio St., Mansfield; Susan Maul to Thomas Roberts and Robert Roberts; $50,000

401 Davis Road, Mansfield; Gary and Vickie Brown to Thomas and Katharine Sabourin; $159,900

562 Clearview Road, Mansfield; Paul and Amy Sherer to Matney Property Development, LLC; $105,770

149 Helen Ave., Mansfield; Lynn Harper to Robert Gnade; $9,000

680-682 Betner Drive, Mansfield; Nikhei Investments, LLC, to Seth and Stephanie Sabado; $162,000

78 Foster St., Mansfield; James Davis to Julian Davis; $5,000

654 Newman St., Mansfield; Jami VanWormer to Lori Adams-Hunter; $73,000

1113 Pawnee Ave., Mansfield; Ramona Mabry to Virgie Ball; $13,000

15 Baldwin Ave., Mansfield; Harry Warren to MERCY, LLC; $22,000

623 Bailey Drive, Unit 2, Mansfield; Estate of Lisa Romig to Maulikkumar and Pujabahen Patel; $31,000

144 W. Prospect St., Mansfield; Nettie Ballard to Charles Petty; $66,000

392 W. Fourth St., Mansfield; Sherri Shartiger to Daniela Castro-Barrera; $26,000

917 Evans Ave., Mansfield; Emil Baich to Jerold Shanks and Gary Wilson; $5,000

673 Armstrong St., Mansfield; M&H MHP, LLC, to Woodland Hills MHC, LP; $620,000

21 Reba Ave., Mansfield; Linda Otto, trustee, to Jaret Eater; $43,400

126 Poplar St., Mansfield; Great Land Real Estate Investments, LLC, to Running Properties III, LLC; $203,000

1179 W. Fourth St., Mansfield; Trent Hammock Jr. to Jesus Davalos; $43,000

371 S. Linden Road, Mansfield; William and Janice Dechert to Kyle Renner; $73,000

362 S. Main St., Mansfield; Garry and Rebecca Lester to Woodrow and Maria Stone; $69,900

86 S. Linden Road, Mansfield; Sharron and Michael Wilson to James Long; $77,000

360 Fourth Ave., Mansfield; Bonnie Herritt to Jeffrey Hoffman; $2,000

296 Spring St., Mansfield; Jonathan Liggett to Hannah Heifner; $1,500

588 Marion Ave., Mansfield; Jennifer Frazier and Stephanie Thompson to Tyler Congon; $60,000

330 Newman St., Mansfield; A.D.A. Homes, LLC, to Stronger By Choice, an Ohio non-profit corporation; $325

264 Davis Road, Mansfield; Heather Miley to Sherry Baker; $89,900

770 Karlson Dribe, Mansfield; Huston Family Trust to Robert and Sue Snyder; $199,000

280 Central Ave., Mansfield; Birchwood Homes, LLC, to Rissler Enterprises, Ltd.; $14,000

214 Lexington Ave., Mansfield; Joshua and Jennifer Hockman to Union Benefits Group, LLC; $35,000

560 Reed St., Mansfield; Linda Tadijanac to Jacob Miller, trustee; $51,000

659 Manchester Road, Mansfield; Jonathan Mullen to Michael Brown; $120,500

566 Dirlam Lane, Mansfield; Gregory Ford to Cory Peterson; $139,900

616 Cline Ave., Unit 206, Mansfield; Norman and Nancy Barbone and Russell and Irina Barbone to Mary and Dennis Bowling; $87,000

1062 Woodville Road, Mansfield; Larry Merwine to David Walker; $201,500

667 Woodhill Road, Mansfield; Woodhull III, LLC, to Jerry and Frankie Blackford; $119,900

243 Stadium St. and 976 W. Fourth St., Mansfield; The Fergus Company, LLC, to RNP-21, LLC, and Property Acquisition Associates, LLC; $1,110,000 

283 Patton Ave., Mansfield; Susanna Strohm and Tamella Vanek to Shawn Thorn; $24,412.50

655 Armstrong St., Mansfield; Michael Curry to TPO Properties, LLC; $26,000

247 Park Ave. East, Mansfield; Clearcreek Rentals, LLC, to MPW TAKS, LLC; $30,000

513 Clifton Blvd., Mansfield; Thomas Vrabel to Jon Paterson; $150,000

434 Central Ave., Mansfield; Katelyn Biggs to Rachel Bollinger and Kent Aleshire; $91,000

1632 Cape Cod Drive, Mansfield; Hunsinger Builders, LLC, to Erika Schmidt, trustee; $224,900

347 Bartley Ave., Mansfield; Jessica Rayburn to Steven Fraley; $63,600

178 Halcyon Drive, Mansfield; Gigi Rice, Dante Togliatti and Rodney Togliatti to Calvin and Stacie Hill; $140,000

480 Wood St., Mansfield; Pandoleen Mack to Daedrian Jones; $70,000

1105 Yorkwood Road, Mansfield; Marlene DeWeese to Susan Elliott; $154,500

1239 Caldwell St., Mansfield; Joan and Jackie Mullins to Timothy Stevens; $16,550

192-194 Saxton Road, Mansfield; Jon and Mary Van Harlingen to Victor and Cassandra Swisher; $124,900


305 County Line Road, Crestline; Asset Joy Properties, LLC, to Diane Highman and Gregory Clay; $45,000


716 Scott Drive, Ontario; Estate and Margaret Hallabrin to Edith Crumm; $122,000

12-14 Lexington-Ontario Road, Ontario; Ontario Properties, Ltd., to Timothy and Denise Burdette; $184,000

722 Scott Drive, Mansfield; Estate of Sharon Hallabrin to Jacob Biederman; $119,000

74 Scotland Blvd., Ontario; Charles Stricklin, James Stricklin, Teresa Perry and David Stricklin to Randolph Fetzer; $145,000

1740 Friday Lane, Ontario; Calvin Hall to Judith Smith; $242,174

310 Sugar Maple Lane, Ontario; Gigi Rice, Dante Togliatti and Rodney Togliatti to Larry Corn and Hul Yun Huang; $327,750

3686 Carmen Drive, Ontario; Kevin Dawson to Lisa Huml and David Secrist; $285,000

726 Scott Drive, Ontario; Eileen Nelson to Sandra Klopfenstein and Veronica Klopfenstein; $135,000

2348 Ferguson Road, Ontario; T and P Rentals, LLC, to James Kim; $200,000

46 Sunset Road, Ontario; Christopher and Rebecca Webb to Frederick and Lee Anne Schuster; $98,394.77

18-22 Lexington-Ontario Road, Ontario; Ontario Properties, Ltd., to Eli Burdette; $189,000

170 Home Road South, Ontario; Michael and Denise Maglott to Baylee Higgins; $167,500

298-302 N. Ireland Blvd., Ontario; Ontario Properties, Ltd., to Joseph and Kathleen Michael; $194,000

3129 Hemlock Place, Ontario; Cynthia Zelter to Jason Wolfe; $278,000

930 Ohio 314, Ontario; Matthew Nigh to Daniel Day; $175,000

3711 Shangri La Ave. East, Ontario; Daniel and Brenda Niss to Richard and Amy Ivy; $338,000

716 Villa Drive, Ontario; George Jeftinich to James and Marva Huff; $137,000

3676 Mary Lou Lane North, Ontario; Christina Trusdale and BreAnna Voltz, co-trustee, to Stacey Jones; $165,000


102 S. Gamble St., Shelby; Robert C. Humphrey and Robert J. Humphrey to Jeanine Clark; $62,000

123 Martin Drive North, Shelby; Markia Adams wtta Markie Lewis to Robert and Tamela Vermillion; $99,900

114 W. Main St., Shelby; Linville Properties, LLC, to Guild Real Estate Holdings, LLC; $25,000

98 Britannia Court, Shelby; The Tarvin Family Revocable Living Trust to Jolanta and Leszek Ulrich; $210,000

19 Seneca Drive, Shelby; Douglas Elgin to Jonathan Elgin; $120,000

10 Mickey Road, Shelby; Brent Christy to Bryan Chelski; $115,000

0 West Park Drive/Myers Avenue, Shelby; Jason Foster, Brian Foster and Tammy Foster Shade to Jeff and Jennifer Watson; $8,000

18 Bradley Ave., Shelby; Donald Fraley, trustee, to Sherry Stockmaster; $133,000

14 Morningside Drive, Shelby; Eugene and Pamela Case to Joshua Varns; $128,000

10 Jennings Court, Shelby; Bruce Hurst to Melinda Davis; $79,900

45 Sunset Drive, Shelby; Bradley and Elizabeth Fields to Thomas and Shellie Unger; $247,000

29 Auburn Ave., Shelby; David Miller to Jessee Sutherland; $95,139

76 Samantha Drive, Shelby; Thad and Stephanie Gribble to Joshua and Chelsey Anderson; $285,000

49 Buckeye Drive, Shelby; Marlene Weiss and Terry Murphy to Terry Murphy; $57,797.51

71 Second St., Shelby; John and Jane Jones to Legacy Properties of North Central Ohio, LLC; $40,000

69 Second Ave., Shelby; Gary Belsterli, Teresa Kuhn, Robert Belsterli and Amy Bersteli to Charles and Constance Roub; $5,000

44 Taft St., Shelby; William and Franince Schroeder to Hollie and James Highlander III; $155,000

66 W. Park Drive, Shelby; Vicky Durnwald to Marylane Hart; $105,000

29 2nd St., Shelby; Gary Wade to Bauerle Enterprises, LLC; $50,000

29 2nd St., rear, Shelby; Bauerle Enterprises, LLC, to Tyler Sweeney; $9,200

76 N. Gamble St., Shelby; Lake County Sheriff to Reliant Loan Servicing, LLC; $48,000

27 Riverbend Drive, Shelby; Bruno Schlmacher, successor trustee, to Stephen Hartz, trustee; $151,000

Vacant lot, Glenwood Drive, Shelby; Phillips Investments, Ltd., to David and Lynette Wagner, co-trustees; $30,000

400 Lorwood Drive East, Shelby; Greg and Sharon Friebel to Andrew and Heather Waldruff; $173,000

58 Pearl Drive, Shelby; Estate of Celine Cooper to Jason and Tiffany McCoy; $160,000

17 Vernon Road, Shelby; Zachary Finnegan to Morgan Ganzhorn; $85,000

125 E. Main St., Shelby; Kenneth and Mable Brown to Aretta Wiggins; $51,000

61 Parkwood Drive, Shelby; Anastacia and Kenneth Burrous to Stephanie Beamer; $170,000


568 Honey Creek Road, Bellville; MJE Holdings, LLC, to Darwyn, LLC; $95,000


Cleveland Street, Butler; Katherine Bryant, trustee, to Mark II and Kimberly DeLaney; $9,500


111 Templeton Terrace, Lexington; Jacob and Rileigh Miller to Daniel and Karissa Jackman; $146,500

310 Oxford Lane, Lexington; Toby Viers to David Caveda and Andrea Pasqualini; $176,000

1677 Dougwood Drive, Lexington; John Vidonish Jr. to John Morey and Ashley Flinders; $226,600

73 Essex Circle, Lexington; Heath and Stacie Whitehair to Austin Whitehair; $133,500

33 1st Ave., Mansfield; Megan Sellers to Megan Dobbin; $133,500

197 Delaware St., Lexington; Jill Givens to Darrell and Rena Miller; $83,000

21 Sussex Court West, Lexington; AFM Realty, LLC, to Ryan Rykwalder and Hollie Dowalter; $161,000

329 Chapman Way, Lexington; Donald and Sharon Lincicome to Clinton and Phyllis Shaffer; $135,000


Railroad Street, Plymouth; Bruce Tanner to Dakota Barber; $15,000


65 Prospect St., Shiloh; Susanna Strohm and Tamella Vanek to Donald Nutter; $27,300


192 Ohio 603, Shiloh; Estate of Peggy Sprang to Jay Sensenig; $197,000

5880 Rome South Road, Shiloh; Ivan and Marion Sauder to Ivan Jr. and Laura Sauder; $340,000


Strimple Road, Shiloh; John and Susan Plank to Travis and Tytus Plank; $85,000

792 Wharton Road, Greenwich; David and Nancy Oswalt to Clinton and Margaret Garber; $161,800


8300 Shiloh-Norwalk Road, Shiloh; Michael and Janelle Grube, trustees, to Skyler and Markie Adams; $210,000


295 Ohio 96 East, Shiloh; Scott and Paige Davies to Jeanette Waibel; $179,000


4680 Laser Road, Shelby; Edward Friebel, trustee, to Bruce Kehres; $190,000


Two parcels, Bellville; Cory Gott to Erica Stewart and Tory Gorka; $119,000

40 acres, Appleseed Road, Bellville; Mansfield Airport Warehousing, Ltd., to John Roby; $240,000

1524 Painter Road, Bellville; Dennis and Marjorie Riggans to William and Melanie Coble; $298,000

52.406 acres, Stoffer Road, Bellville; Kathy Ison, trustee, to Joshua Kiba, Deanne Kiba and Jacob Kiba; $150,000


1209 Bonnie Drive, Mansfield; Shelby Fife and Braden Vail to Anthony and Cristie Brammer; $160,000

483 Lukes Drive, Mansfield; Collonade, LLC, to Roderick Coleman; $82,400

421 Apple Lane, Mansfield; Mitchel Beer to Randy and Guenever Greer; $123,000

681 Benedict Ave., Mansfield; Joseph Adkins to Cheryl Hoover; $35,000

465 Indiana Ave., Mansfield; Bernice Claire, trustee, to Paul Lintern and Pamela Rider-Lintern; $35,000

466 Detroit Ave., Mansfield; Reginald and Laurie Sturtz to John Hunter; $73,500

1274 Manner Drive, Mansfield; Chris and Sarah Nicol to Steven and Carla Anderson; $135,000

Vacant lots, Hickory Lane and Illinois Avenue, Mansfield; Richland Warehousing, Ltd., to Allied Partners, LLC; $155,000

1061 Truxell Drive, Mansfield; Unknown heirs of Everet Cook to Ryan Sowards; $24,465

89 S. Walker Ave., Mansfield; Charles Caldwell, executor, to David Witmer; $37,000

552 and 554 Valley View Road, Mansfield; Robert and Lisa Kurtz to Hillary Rissler; $110,000

1426 Fleming Falls Road, Mansfield; Helen Criss, trustee, to William Wolfe; $145,000

69 Ridge Road North, Mansfield; Robert Race to Charles and Gwendolyn Berry; $53,000

1364 Walker Ave. East, Mansfield; Ronald Metzger to Cory Sealey; $110,000

989 Springmill St., Mansfield; Sandra Montgomery to DS Legacy, LLC; $220,000

1581 Timber Road, Mansfield; Chad and Lori Williams to Clinton and Brenda Bower; $185,000

1234 Cairns Road, Mansfield; Latricia Morganstern to Klupp Investments, LLC; $59,000

1443 Manner Drive, Mansfield; Greg Gonzalez to Timothy and Renee Robinson; $106,000

9 Eastlawn Ave., Mansfield; Ronnie Arnett to Ronald W. Arnett; $40,000

887 N. Stewart Road, Mansfield; Kevin and Janet Baird to Andrew and Jennifer Nicol; $150,000

14 N. Stewart Road, Mansfield; Troy Brown to Jeffrey Vanmeter; $135,000

891 Springmill St., Mansfield; Paul and Florence Kunnas to Ryan Yancer; $18,000

1238 Eastview Drive, Mansfield; Scott Mottayaw to Sonya Brown; $89,000

1223 Belmont Ave., Mansfield; Michael Curry to TPO Properties, LLC; $7,000

1579 Hickory Lane, Mansfield; Tyler Barley and Lindsay Henson to Kent Byrd; $130,000

64 Mansfield Ave., Mansfield; Susanna Strohm and Tamella Vanek to Darrell and Rena Miller; $21,157.50

1206 Springmill St., Mansfield; Predator Pace, LLC, to Amber and Steven Miller; $158,000

1679 Anglewood Drive, Mansfield; Lawrence and Georgeann Siringer to Bradley Maxwell; $181,150

926 Sites Road, Mansfield; Benjamin Arron to Susan DeMay; $110,000

804 Mayflower Ave., Mansfield; Chad Williams to Logan Devine; $124,900

Vacant lot, Stewart Road, Mansfield; John and Patricia Reese to Ren and Eric Windsor; $18,000


1665 Frontier Trail, Mansfield; Tyler Hamilton to Donald Baldwin Jr.; $147,500

1898 Ashland Road, Mansfield; The Thomas Curry Revocable Living Trust to Tyler Beer; $215,000

2167 Sprucewood Circle, Mansfield; Trevor Jr. and Elizabeth Ames to Kale and Alyssa Huss; $170,000

1739 Frontier Trail, Mansfield; Deborah Burkett to Kenneth Scott; $155,000

598 Impala Drive, Mansfield; Oak Wood Developers, Inc., to Leah Toth; $160,000

529 Inwood Drive, Mansfield; Kenneth Reed to David Cunningham Jr.; $230,000

2224 Lakewood Drive, Mansfield; Estate of Bruce Hahn to Monica King; $149,900

1674 Sassafras Circle, Mansfield; Sarah and Jonathan Beck to Jeremy Mabe; $158,400

2285 Peterson Road, Mansfield; Ralph and Joyce Stahl to Chad and Tabitha Dalenberg; $195,000

2172 Satinwood Drive, Mansfield; Pamela Blankenhorn to Dustin and Bonnie Fogle; $149,900


3158 Gladden Road, Lucas; Christopher Kipp to Dayne Sauder; $138,000

1.2884, Monroe Township; Jeanne Berry Family Trust to Linda McFarland; $7,700

2630 Stout Road, Lucas; Estate of Geraldine Shafer to Edward Shafer; $235,653


2158 Bellville-Johnsonville Road, Bellville; Eric and Mary Galco to Stephen II and Desirae Burnside; $190,000


5995 Kuhn Road, Shelby; Michael and Connie Ament to Andrew and Jennifer Fry; $150,000

4249 Opdyke Road, Plymouth; Nathan Ousley to Paul and Caitlin Roub; $280,000

Opdyke Road, Plymouth; Nathan Ousley to David and Tonya Bishop; $45,000

5654 London Road West, Shelby; Charles Cooke and Kyle Cooke to Jeffrey and Shelley Redden; $315,000


1310 Thrush Road, Crestline; Thomas Sr. and Janet Chafin to Anson Hare; $299,000

Horning Road, Crestline; Carol Arter to Crystina Wallar and Eric See; $130,000

181 S. Crestline-Bloominggrove Road, Galion; Estate of Ronald Jarvis to Andrew Dye; $80,000


4291 Stein Road, Shelby; The Charles Schroeder Trust to Adam and Samantha Schroeder; $180,000


247 and 249 Rudy Road, Ontario; Matthew and Heidi Martin to Eric and Crsytal Shultz; $125,000

1985 Gfrer Road, Mansfield; Daniel and Margaret Mapes to Caroline Sellers; $134,900

Lot 7, Wiles Estates, Springfield Circle, Mansfield; Daniel and Lora Schmitz to Lee Them; $53,500

1539 Ohio 314 North, Mansfield; Ryan and Alyssa Hostetler to Richard Hawn; $210,000

615 Rudy Road, Mansfield; Richard and Amy Ivy to Eugene and Pamela Case; $215,000

2150 Alta West Road, Mansfield; Kristina and Brandon Weese to Ronald and Kathy Jones; $195,000

719 Loran Terrace, Mansfield; Mindy Duffner to Joshua and Amanda Mottayaw; $150,000

4.027 acres, Lohr Road, Galion; James and Melinda Shaum to Justin and Samantha Oswalt; $60,000

1320 Ohio 313 North, Mansfield; Ronald II and Michelle Luttrell to Kenneth and Krista Collins; $297,000

749 Eckstein Road, Crestline; Branden West to John Lewis; $180,000


Home Road South, Mansfield; Jane Conlon to Charles and Hannah Davis; $20,000

1685 Lexington-Ontario Road, Mansfield; Janice Shaffer, trustee, to Thomas and Linda Elgin; $420,000

2845 Marion Ave., Mansfield; Richard and Deborah Redfearn to Zachary and Abby Bramiage; $370,000

3464 Needham Road, Lexington; David Cress to Melissa Cox and Maurez Lewis; $449,900

3319 Addeline Drive, Mansfield; Tammy Bowen to A&M Properties of Mansfield, LLC; $95,000

10.755 acres, Ohio 42, Lexington; Charles and Jennifer Briner to Keith and Christy Thomas; $120,000

3316 Addeline Drive, Lexington; Tina Foreman and Jason Meadows to U.S. Bank; $58,951


391 Garver Road, Mansfield; Edbert Schmidt to Dennis and Marjorie Riggans; $205,000

101 Yoha Drive, Mansfield; Jerod and Melinda Butler to Thomas and Jamie Carroll; $210,000

2640 Touby Road, Mansfield; Lonny and Melanie Milks to Chad and Mallory Guinede; $219,000

3070 Touby Road, Mansfield; David and Judy Hedrick to Layne and My’A Berrier; $160,000

713 Sequoia Lane, Mansfield; Joseph Harris and Abbey Ballard to Kendale and Brielle McFarland; $175,000

20.110 acres, Washington South Road, Mansfield; Knox County Woodland, Ltd., to Laurence II and Erica Boor; $115,632.50

3522 German Church Road, Mansfield; Robert and Beverly Rosich to Lori and Kenneth McKee; $285,500

2167 Cloverdale Drive, Mansfield; Linn Steward, trustee, to Tyler Pauley; $168,000

494 Walfield Drive, Mansfield; Raul and Dively Sanchez to Marvin McGuire; $162,900

1850 White Pine Drive, Lexington; Kelley and Kevin Arnold to Ashley Woogerd; $100,000

2150 Haywood Drive, Mansfield; Estate of Susan Schaus to David and Karen Wyatt; $150,000

76.91 acres, North Washington Road, Mansfield; Dawn Ward and Jody Kurtz, successor trustees, to Hickory Hill Land Company, LLC; $407,500


3479 Olivesburg Road, Mansfield; Joshua and Crystal Hughes to EH & KH, LLC; $75,000


2208 Ohio 97, Butler; Timothy and Corinda Michaels to Jeffrey and Joy Reeder; $175,000

1845 Snyder Road, Bellville; David and Mary Jo Smith to Kayla Eichelberger to Jared Muncie; $92,500

5237 Hagerman Road, Bellville; James Wilson, trustee, to Jacob and Rileigh Miller; $270,000

1831 Wagner Road, Butler; Kelly Chapman to Craig Hallabrin; $170,000

7160 Hazlett Road, Butler; Joshua and Sarah Craft to Brian and Chelsie Kaylor; $175,000

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