The Absolute Best Wine For Parties, According To Someone With No Life Experience At All

Opening up your brilliant little cheap wine cooler, you peruse what bottles you have stored in the best small wine fridge with a helpful cooling system. The bottles glisten and click together, providing the first music notes for your party. Now, which bottles do you pull out to serve?

If you plan on hosting many parties and, as such, will often have a large number of wine bottles, looking at high quality wine coolers might be helpful when storing your delicious wines. This will help ensure that your wines are all served at the correct temperatures and maintain their full flavours.

Choosing Wine For A Party

You have your guest list and have invited all that appears there. You know the food you are going to serve. Now you need to decide on the wines that will accompany your meal and your party. Usually, you would pair your wines with your meal, and while you need to keep this in mind, you must also consider that everyone has different tastes.

Therefore, variety will be the keyword of the day. Having a variety of wines on offer will ensure that everyone will have something enjoyable to drink. In addition, choosing the wines on offer will allow you the control to ensure that the options complement your foods as well.

Have Red Wine On Offer

Having one or two choices of red wine is a good place to start. You might want to consider a Merlot, Cabernet, or Pinot Noir, as these go down easy and are not too dry. The fruity flavours will also complement many dishes that contain red meat.

Remember that red wine will need to be served at room temperature. This is an opportunity to have fun and use a pretty decanter if you have one stuck in the cupboard.

Have White Wine On Offer

Similarly to the red wine, have one or two white wines available for your guests. These could include a light-bodied Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, or Sauvignon Blanc. Again, a lighter-bodied white wine will help to ensure a complementary nature to your food.

White wine should be served chilled. This is where that wine fridge comes in handy. You could also have a wine bucket filled with ice to keep the temperature chilly.

Have A Sparkling Wine On Offer

It might be worth welcoming your guests with sparkling wine or having one on hand for a party toast. This could also be a good option for those guests who prefer a slightly sweeter beverage. A Prosecco or Cava are good options to consider.

Sparkling wines are similar to white wines in that they should be served chilled. You can keep them in the same icy wine bucket to remain cold throughout the evening.


Now you are ready to dress up and have an amazing time at your party. You know everyone will be satisfied with your food and your wine choices. All that is left is to ensure you have a great time too.

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