The Benefits of Investing in a Whole-Home Remodel

The Benefits of Investing in a Whole-Home Remodel

A full bathroom or kitchen remodeling project can be a huge undertaking as it takes careful planning and consideration. However, a whole-home renovation takes this a step further as it involves renovating several areas of your home in one single project. And since it requires a big investment, cutting corners or even taking the DIY approach on a few tasks isn’t recommended. If you want the project completed smoothly and successfully, you need to work with a capable contractor who can manage your project efficiently.


Whole-Home Remodel

What’s a Whole-Home Renovation?

This is a term used to describe any single remodeling project that changes around 50% or more of your home’s current living space. Unlike a piecemeal home renovation, it involves almost every interior and exterior upgrade being done simultaneously. It’s a huge undertaking, but once completed, your home will look and feel like it’s newly built.

How Are Whole-Home Projects Beneficial?

  • You achieve long-term savings. When you want your home projects done simultaneously, you should be prepared to pay for a higher upfront cost. But when you work with experienced contractors, your whole-home renovation project gets done faster and more efficiently. You also get better long-term savings since planning each project separately instead of all at once can become more costly later on in the process.

  • Your renovation is more cohesive. This means you can work with a remodeling contractor who can create a master plan that covers all your intended renovations at the same time. No matter what type of living space, the overall design stays consistent as they’re being built.

  • You improve your home’s comfort and convenience. A whole-home remodel allows you to fully re-evaluate your current indoor layout according to your needs and preferences. It gives you the opportunity to improve overall comfort and convenience! For instance, you might need additional space for your growing family or you need to expand your kitchen space. You can also update your home’s energy efficiency by replacing your old HVAC system, upgrading to more efficient windows and so on.

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