The Recession and Network Marketing – Is Network Marketing and MLM a Solution For the Recession?

There is little doubt that there isn’t anyone who doesn’t know about the economic down-turn our nation and the rest of the world has been experiencing. Just turn on any cable news network and the recession dominates the news cycle. Though this recession is now more than obvious, we are just beginning to see how widely it is impacting different groups of people.

I decided to write this article after reading a forum post from a friend on one of the social networks describing her recent entrance into the network marketing arena. In her piece, Nicole Cooper told the story of a successful real estate business that crumbled within a 6 month period due to the collapse of the housing market.

Not only did her personal business crash, her personal financial situation tumbled right along with it. In time she discovered a network marketing company that appeared to offer a solution to her families’ dilemma. By seizing the opportunity and working through the difficulties of building a new business, she mimicked the “Flight of the Phoenix” to rise from the proverbial ashes. The truly amazing part is the “comeback” happened during the last two years as the global economic situation has been steadily sliding downhill.

Nicole used the network marketing opportunity to help change her family’s financial situation from one of desperation to another of growing prosperity. Anytime I read a story of someone’s triumph over extreme adversity, I find it both motivational and more importantly, inspirational.

Though the inspirational moment arose instantaneously while reading her story, I also realized that with her back ground in real estate Nicole already had a mindset that served her well as she made the transition into a formal network marketing business.


Simply because people in a real estate business are already used to employing traditional networking methods (warm market prospecting, cold calling, etc.) in their daily business practices. These same methods, however, fall well outside the comfort zone for most of us. Coupling her previous networking background with her business experience Nicole was well positioned to seize all the network marketing opportunity offered and build a successful business.

Given the success of Nicole and others like her, many people impacted by the current economy believe network marketing should be the obvious choice when looking for alternatives to traditional employment. It is also likely that many people are drawn to these ventures due to the relatively low start-up costs associated with many network marketing or MLM opportunities.

But is this a realistic answer to their problem?

The honest answer to that question is maybe yes; maybe no.

Thinking back on Nicole’s situation, though her initial financial situation may be similar to many people being impacted by the current economic upheaval; her professional background and experience are significantly different. I know from my own personal experience in previous network marketing and MLM ventures, the lack of an appropriate background and experience often set the stage for a far less successful outcome.

In both of my previous endeavors, I believed in the products, opportunity, company and even that I would build a successful business. Each time, however, I ended up quitting mainly due to unrealistic expectations about how long and how much effort it actually takes to build a business. Additionally, I lacked the networking skills further inhibiting any substantial progress when actively working those opportunities.

Does this mean that I proved that network marketing or MLM companies are hoaxes or scams?

Absolutely not! Both companies still exist today; have excellent product lines and many successful distributors.

What it does mean is that I wasn’t properly equipped with either the skills or mindset to see those opportunities through and succeed. Even at the time I quit each venture, I never stopped believing in the companies, products or opportunities.

Over the last 15 years, however, I gained much of the missing background and experience that was previously missing. Today I know any future endeavor in the network marketing and MLM arena will yield the success I always expected.

But what about those people who do not have the right skills or experience?

From my perspective, individuals impacted by or feeling at risk because of the current economic situation can look to network marketing and MLM being viable solutions to their personal economic problems if they understand and act upon the following:

1. It takes time to get the education in both the opportunity, business in general and marketing;

2. It takes time to acquire the appropriate skill set in traditional and/or Internet marketing; business operation, time management, etc.;

3. It takes time to address each of the daily tasks to run business operations (including marketing and sales);

4. You must be patient and persistent in working your business both through the good days and bad ones; and

5. You must maintain realistic expectations for the growth of the business.

Anyone either possessing the appropriate skills or who is willing to work to acquire them as well as adapt to a rapidly changing environment has the opportunity to leverage any of the quality network marketing and MLM opportunities to their advantage. In doing so, they will begin creating a new, independent future for their efforts.

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