Tips to Consider Before Installing a Skylight

Do you feel that your house is dark most of the time even when it is sunny outside? Consider adding a skylight above the room that is low on natural light. They act as roof windows and would help in letting in a lot of light and fresh air, making the room more lively and pleasant. However, when you plan to get Velux skylights installed, you have to learn more about the design decisions and structural conditions of your home. One of the best skylights preferred by most people is Velux, especially in Melbourne. It is due to various unique features offered by the brand. However, before you proceed with the installation of skylights, glance through the tips you could consider so that the installation goes smooth and the skylight lasts for a long time with routine maintenance. 

Buying A Skylight? Here's everything you need to know

Skylights Won’t Fit All Roofs: As skylights are installed in the roofline, below sheathing, the construction type of the roof should have the ability to support the skylight. Before installing the skylight, consider adding the framing which is usually of two types.

  • Stick-framed Roofs: They are built using individual rafters that are spaced four feet apart and suits for skylights. They leave the much-needed room to cut and fit in a skylight between the rafters.
  • Truss-framed Roofs: They are named so for the prefabricated units that look similar to a triangle but are less ideal. Trusses are not exactly designed to be cut following the installation. However, doing so would compromise the structural integrity of the roof at your home. 

Glass Need not be the Only Option for Glazing: Skylight is made of wood, vinyl or even a metal frame that holds glazing. The light gets transmitted through this glazing. You could opt for plastic or glass skylight glazing. If you are opting for glass glazing, it would be two times heavy and a much expensive process. However, if the budget permits, it can be the best choice. It is clear and more resistant to sudden impacts or scratches and resists discolouration, blocks UV rays and is available in various sizes and shapes. If you pick glass glazing, opt for tempered or laminated glass as it can prevent it from breaking into sharp pieces in case there is some heavy impact. The most durable glazing is double-paned with two panes of laminated or tempered glass or an outer pane of tempered glass with laminated glass inside. Plastic glazing can be a cheaper alternative and is less likely to break when compared to glass. However, it is more prone to scratches and discolouration. It also fails to block little to no UV light and is sold in standard sizes and shapes available in the market.

Certain Skylights lets in Light and Air: Velux Melbourne Skylights come in fixed varieties and remain vented and closed so that you could open or close at your wish. Speaking of fixed skylights, they transmit just the light and are designed to keep moisture and heat out. They are more energy-efficient and are less prone to leaks. However, they do not work much with air circulation. Thus, it could only be a suitable option for rooms that have good ventilation. Some manually operated skylights and motorised options which you could control with a remote let in natural light and fresh air and can be a good option for rooms with less light, stuffiness and ventilation such as attics.