What is a Serviced Apartment?

If you’re looking for a place to stay on your next trip but you don’t want to be limited to just a room and a TV you might want to consider a serviced apartment. A serviced apartment is similar to renting a flat but without the long term lease and it’s also cleaned regularly.

Serviced apartments can offer the perfect solution to many business trips and also pleasure trips away with family and friends. You won’t need to worry about family members being in different rooms across the hotel and you can all sit together in a “living room” in private.

Some people often get confused between serviced apartments and hotels because they both offer accommodation for fairly short stays. However, there are significant differences between the two types of accommodation with different benefits associated with each. It’s a good idea to understand what benefits a serviced apartment offers and if it’s suitable for your next trip away.

Safe accommodation

apartments offer a safe place for you to stay. If you’re staying with young children you can easily keep an eye on them and not worry that they’re in a different room somewhere across the hotel. You have your own living space which includes areas to relax in and also work.

You’ll have access to a fully equipped kitchen which means you can eat in and enjoy your stay. You won’t need to worry about people outside your room trying to get in or members of staff letting themselves in with a key card either!

Cost effective

If you’re going to be staying for a few weeks or even months an apartment will probably work out much cheaper than a hotel. What’s more; you don’t have to worry about eating out every night since you can cook your own meals in the fully equipped kitchen.

Apartments also work out easier than rented accommodation since you don’t have to worry about references to pay the rent on time. The payments are very similar to a hotel but your stay will feel like you’re renting your own flat for the trip.


Serviced apartments offer convenience along with peace of mind. You can leave items in your apartment without worrying that the chamber maids or hotel staff are going to steal them. You also don’t have to worry about being back at a certain time so reception can let you into your room. You have your own key just like you would to get into your own house.

You’re free to treat the apartment as you would do being at home. Unwind and relax, cook a meal in the kitchen, use a study room to work in. If you’re on a business trip there’s always plenty of space to spread out, use your laptop and even spread out paper work.

So, consider s serviced apartment next time you’re taking a trip away. It could be the perfect solution to your accommodation and it might just save you money.

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