White Hot in the Melting Pot

The world’s melting pot is boiling over with rage. The US President is the inciter-in-chief. He attacks everyone, even his own pick of the “best people” for their jobs. He is an attack dog, a bull that charges at every red flag that comes his way. He is rage personified and he has grabbed the country by its throat over the primordial fear of losing the centuries old status of primacy over others by virtue of being “white.”

The so-called white people of the world weren’t always the most dominant. Civilization itself began in Africa. The middle-eastern Persians were a formidable force, as were the Egyptians and numerous others now relegated to history.. Whites became dominant in fertile Europe, where they fought each other over centuries while colonizing and imperializing the rest of the world. The United States of America grew out of that period. It was the rebel offspring that has remained proud of its roots.

The global world of 2019 is still tainted with imperialistic vestiges even as he internet information superhighway unites. “Little” people the world over want more than mere crumbs from the bountiful world they see through “devices.” Thereby are sown the seeds of a global civil war between the “haves” and the “wants.”

“When you are accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression,” some anonymous pundit said. The observation could not be more applicable than to Donald Trump.

Many are born privileged but few as ostentatiously as Trump. He was given his first trust fund at the age of three and he was a millionaire by age 8. Ambition and chicanery guaranteed by a father’s indulgence shot him to stardom as a real estate wunderkind in the mostly white New York market, undoubtedly pleasing the father who was a convicted KKK member. Perhaps when the father died in 1999, the doted son took up the torch.

Perhaps because business ventures failed Trump dipped his toes into the political waters until the sweet spot came when America elected a Black man as President, Trump kicked throughout the 8-year Obama tenure and then came out with guns blazing to announce his candidacy with a promise to end the invasion of America by Mexican criminals. From there he moved on to Muslim enemies and left American Blacks as a self-evident human disaster for America. Not until Trump was safely in the White House did his true intentions start to become clear.

As Trump’s dissolution continues and he becomes increasingly erratic and illogical, it seems clear that Trump is consumed by unspecified rage. It seems he hates everyone, perhaps because his privilege as a white man had not paid off in lesser ventures such as casinos and real estate. Only the full powers of the American presidency could afford him the full measure of appeasing his rage..

Judging by his behavior, Trump doesn’t care whom he enrages as long as it keeps bedlam hopping long enough for him to pick America’s pockets to full advantage for as long as he can. He may believe that America is being invaded, but the important point seems to be that he can make others believe it. That is the bond between Trump and the one-third of Americans who constitute the base. They are angry at losing their white privilege, even if whiteness is the only advantage they have and especially if the white privilege has not paid off for them.

White hot anger does not burn forever. The melting pot does its job as long as it is tended. So move over, angry privileged whites. Make room for the non-angry, privileged or not. White privilege has gone the way of the dinosaur. Global climate change has made it extinct.

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